Actavis (Cough Syrup) 16oz

Actavis (Cough Syrup) 16oz

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Actavis promethazine syrup is a cough syrup that has codeine iodine. It has also become a popular opioid drug well-known in the body as morphine. In certain cases, morphine transition takes place faster than a typical range. The mixture of actavis toxin syrup and codeine is ideally suited for common flu, cold, and fever treatments and many more allergies. This does relieve watery eyes and it brings calmness to the material that prevents the need to cough. It also helps to treat watery eyes. You can buy Actavis (Cough Syrup) 16oz online for sale.


The syrup is used to treat any common flu or allergies by mixing with some other medicines.

It has antihistamine that can treat symptoms including watery eyes, itchy nose / hedge, even alleviate flushing and snowing. It has antihistamine

Codeine is the main ingredient and it affects the chemical of the brain that contributes to less coughing.


It is not recommended to eat this drug for children under the age of 18 as it contains codeine. Many serious but rarely fatal side effects can be found including breathing difficulties.

Oral consumption is usually advisable every 4-6 hours before or after food. But it must be taken in full glass or with 8 ounces or 240 ml of water, or as recommended.

It can be eaten with food for stomach discomfort.

While using this medication or as instructed by the doctor, the intake of large quantities of fluids is necessary.

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