ANSOMONE 10iu*10vials

ANSOMONE 10iu*10vials

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The research, growth and production is carried out separately by AnkeBio (Anhui Anke Biotechnology (Group) Co., Ltd.), Ansomone (Recombinant HGH). Ansomone comes from the latest E. coli Secretion Expression System Recombinant DNA technology, human growth hormone protein selection, as well as the best technologies in fermentation and purification.


This particular HGH is produced by the Chinese Government at one of the largest Chinese factories, Anhui Anke Bio. Since 1993, the manufacturer has been able to produce quality HGH. Ansomone is also used to treat major burns. This makes Ansomone a good option. It is also very common in the care of patients.

Ansomone is certified as a GMP FDA, a good quality evidence. SEIZEN, NORDITROPIN, HUMATROPE, several world-renowned products are also awarded this certificate.

When you will be able to buy a quality product, Ansomon in the market then you can be relaxed. And presently appeal to it


Build a good shape and enable your muscles to develop.

This disappears the fat belly, making your 6 packs visible.

Grows the weight of the muscle.

Strengthens muscles.

Reduce the ache in the joints and help change them.

Better well-being in general.

Helps your hair and skin. 


This form is somewhat similar to the normal HGH of the human body, which causes Ansomone to have a small number of side effects. It had 192 amino acids before 2006 and was somatremic. He's somatropin today. 

Ansomone is very safe and similar to Jintropin.

HGH is maintained in perfect condition and the storage time is extended. This ensures that you would receive an HGH that you thought you will get.

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