Apaurin (Blue Valium)

Apaurin (Blue Valium)

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Apaurin is an active medicinal product called diazepam containing a medicine. This medicine is part of the community of benzodiazepines. Patients who receive drug recovery and in patients' surgical preparation for which cause anxiety , depression, epilepsy, muscles (muscle spasms) are presented with sedative and calming effects. Diazepam in the valium chain is a medication that typically has an effect of relaxation in the benzodiazepine chain. Diazepam supports anxiety management, alcohol prevention and convulsions. This is occasionally used to soothe fits and sedates before surgery. It works by brain and nerve repair. You can buy Apaurin (Blue Valium) online for sale.

Take your prescription guide and re-fill each time you request it before you continue with Diazepam.


Apaurin in particular is not recommended during pregnancy during the first and last trimesters, as it can cause babies to split lips or fetal addiction.

During pregnancy available when the gain from the mother is higher than that of the child. Don't feed with this medicine because Apaurin enters breast milk and may hurt your child.


For daily anxiety treatment, an apaurin dose of 5-30 mg divided into several doses is used. The initial dosage is usually 2 mg three times a day. The dosage can be increased if the desired effect is achieved. Sleeplessness dose 5-10 mg, half an hour before bedtime. 5-15 mg doses, divided into several days in muscle cramp treatment. In older patients (over age 65) the dosage will be 50 percent lower than in adults. It won't be used again for more than a month. Abrupt stoppage must be avoided. At the end of treatment with this medicine, the dosage is slowly decreased for at least one to two weeks.

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