Asimax Forte (Alprazolam) 1mg

Asimax Forte (Alprazolam) 1mg

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Among others, Asimax Forte (Alprazolam) 1mg, sold as a Xanax brand, is benzodiazepine which works quickly. It's most commonly used in short-term anxiety control, primarily panic or generalized anxiety disorder ( GAD). Other uses include the diagnosis of chemotherapy-induced nausea, among other medications. In general, Asimax Forte (Alprazolam) 1mg is taken by the mouth. Depression-related anxiety leads to Asimax Forte (Alprazolam) 1mg. Clinical trials have shown that the duration of anxiety disorders is limited to four months. Nonetheless, there are several limited studies into the antidepressant properties of Asimax Forte (Alprazolam) 1mg and only their short-term effects on depression have been tested. In one review, reversible depression has been reported in multiple long-term , high dose patients.


To combat anxiety and panic disorders, Asimax Forte (Alprazolam) 1mg is used. This belongs to a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines that serve to calm the brain and nerves (central nervous system). The effects of other natural chemicals in the body (GABA) are enhanced.


Take your doctor's instructions for this medicine by mouth. The dose depend on your medical condition, age and treatment reaction. Your dosage can be raised slowly until the drug is fully operational. Follow the advice of your doctor closely to reduce the chance of side effects.

You may have withdrawal symptoms if you unexpectedly quit using this drug. Your doctor can gradually decrease your dose to help prevent withdrawal. Withdrawal is more likely if you have long or high-dose use of Asimax Forte (Alprazolam) 1mg. When you have withdrawal, inform your physician or doctor immediately.

Although it benefits a lot of people, occasionally addiction can be induced. When there is a condition (such as overuse or drug / alcohol dependence), this risk may be higher. Take this drug to decrease the risk of addiction exactly as prescribed. Demand more info from your doctor or pharmacist.

This will not function as well if this drug is used for a long time. Talk to your doctor about stopping working well with this medication.

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