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Butalbital is an intermediate-length barbiturate. Butalbital is also used for treatment of headache and discomfort in combination with other medications, such as par acetaminophen or aspirin. In the treatment of stress headaches, the specific drugs combined with codeine have been FDA approved. Butalbital 's chemical form is similar to talbutal but has a distinct structure — that presents 5-allyl-5-iso butylbarbituric acid. The toxicity and availability of safe agents discourage its use with headaches (except in last resort). You can buy Butalbital online for sale.


The medication is used to treat intense headaches. The treatment Aspirin tends to reduce the headache discomfort. Caffeine contributes to the rise in aspirin effects. Butalbital is a sedative that decreases apprehension and sleep and relaxation.


Give it by mouth, usually every 4 hours according to your physician's specifications or instructions. In a 24-hour period, do not take more than 6 capsules / tablets. When your doctor advises you otherwise to use a full glass of water (8 ounces or 240 milliliters) Don't lie down after taking this medicine for at least 10 minutes. Take it with food or milk to avoid stomach upset.

The dose depends on your medical condition and your therapy response. The best way to use this drug is to show the initial signs of headache. The medication might not work as well if you wait for the headaches to get worse.

You can have withdrawal symptoms (like nausea / obstacles, change of mind / mood or convulsions) if you quit using this drug unexpectedly. Your doctor will reduce the dosage gradually to help avoid withdrawal. Withdrawal is more likely to take you for a long time or at high doses of this drug. When you have a withdrawal, inform your doctor or pharmacist immediately.

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