Celexa (Citalopram) 20mg

Celexa (Citalopram) 20mg

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Celexa is the Citaloporam medicines group brand name. It is mostly used for treating depression by many people. We all know that people are in sad mood under depression. Celexa contains Citaloporam, the main salt which increases brain activity. It's a nondepressant. This medicine is also an inhibitor of selective serotonin reuptake known as SSRI. It is only for adults, this drug should not be taken by babies. This medicinal product works by restoring the brain natural chemical known as serotonin, which improves the level of energy and improves the person's well-being.


  • This medicine is popular for its anti-depressant effects. If a person has depression, celexa will be used to relieve it.
  • This is also used for anxiety disorders in patients.
  • This medicine also used for the treatment of OCD, which means that a person gets an unwelcome thought again and again. Celexa deals with OCD by regulating the mind's repetitive thinking.
  • Typically, during their menstrual cycle, women experience mood changes; if there are significant mood problems, the celexa helps regulate people's mood.
  • When the individual has some kind of stress, Celexa helps to stabilize the chemical of the brain with a high degree of stress.


The dosage of celexa is dependent on a variety of variables , such as age, medical history, and the response of the body to the first dosage. The initial celexa dose must be 20 mg daily. To increase the dosage, consult a physician beforehand.

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