Ecstasy (MDMA) 100mg Pills

Ecstasy (MDMA) 100mg Pills

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Ecstasy is the usual name for a tablet intended to contain the MDMA drug. The powder or crystal shape of MDMA may sometimes also be found. Ecstasy involves risks; these risks increase when the tablets are strong and when people are unaware of them. MDMA can impact the control of body temperature and, after being taken in a warm atmosphere, the risk of overheating increases. With a wide range of colorful pills and capsules, which often have designs and logos, the appearance of ecstasy changes greatly. This can give rise to a few ecstasy pills which are given nicknames, e.g ..

The shape of pure ecstasy is a white powder. MDMA is known as 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine short. Although MDMA powder has increased in police seizures in recent years, it is less frequent than ecstasy tablets or capsules. Ecstasy is also sold as crystals very occasionally.

How to Take This Drug?

Tablets — beginning with a quarter. A prestressed tablet can be more difficult to measure so begin with a 1/4 of a tablet and wait two or three hours before you feel the effects.

Crush, Dab, Wait. Powder. Lick and dab the tip of your index finger in the powder in the finest possible powder. When MDMA is pure, it is approximately 80-100 mg or a single "dose," based on your index finger 's size relative to the rest of your body. Mix the fruit / water juice and swallow together. Hold on for two or three hours (MDMA crystal tablets are often more purified compared to others) before taking more

Always more, but never less can you take. Starting with a high dose can lead to further harm and can not be stopped once the medicine comes into effect. From a smaller dose, it is less likely to harm to wait and take additional small doses.

You should be cool enough, but not too much water. It is important. Usually, only two cups (250 ml ) of water should not be drunk every hour.

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