Ephedrine HCL 30mg

Ephedrine HCL 30mg

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The drug and stimulant is Ephedrine. It is also used during spinal anaesthesia to avoid low blood pressure. Asthma, narcolepsy and obesity were also used but are not the treatment of choice. The benefits of nasal obstruction are uncertain. It can be taken in a muscle, a vein or just under the skin by mouth or by injection. Early use of the intravenous system requires about 20 minutes, while the muscle injection lasts for about one hour, and by mouth it takes an hour. When injected, it can take about one hour and it can last up to four hours when taken by mouth.

In the treatment of allergic disorders, including bronchial asthma, ephedrine sulphate injection, USP is suggested. The drug was used as a pressurizer for a long time , especially when hypotension occurs during a spinal anaesthesia. Ephedrine has a benefit comparable to epinephrine in the Stokes-Adams syndrome with a full cardiac block. It is indicated in narcolepsy and depression as a central nervous system stimulant. Often used in gravitational myasthenia.


Ephedrine promotes small weight losses, particularly the fat losses, but it does not have any long-term effects. 

Ephedrine promoting thermogenesis in the brown adipose tissue is known to rodents, but thermogenesis is expected to be primarily in the skeletal muscle because of its limited quantities of brown fat in adults. 

Ephedrine also improves stomach emptying. 

Methylxanthines such as caffeine and theophylline have an impact on weight loss synergistically with ephedrine. This led to the compound products being developed and sold. 

One containing ephedrine containing caffeine and aspirins is known as the ECA stack.


The normal intracutaneous or subcutaneous dosage is from 25 to 50 mg. 5 to 25 mg can be given intravenously steadily, if necessary in 5 to 10 minutes.

The typical dose of 0.5 mg / kg body weight, or 16.7 mg / square metre, of body surface per 4 or 6 hours is subCutaneous or intramuscular.

Parenteral medicinal products, when solution and bottle permits, should be visually tested for particulates and colour before administration.

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