HCG 5000iu*5vials

HCG 5000iu*5vials

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The normal growth of an egg in the ovary of a woman and that stimulates egg release during ovulation. HCG is used for ovulating and treating infertility in women, and for increasing the amount of sperm in men. HCG is often used when young boys do not usually drop their testes into the scrotum. It may be caused by a hypophysis. For other purposes not specified, HCG can also be used.

How to use it?

Use HCG just as your doctor has prescribed. Should not use anything more or more than recommended in large quantities. Follow the drug label directions.

HCG is administered into the skin or the muscles as an injection. This injection is given to you by your doctor , nurse or other health care provider. You can see how your medicine is injected into your home. Should not self-inject this drug if the procedure is not completely known and use of needles and syringes is properly disposed of.

Choose just one needle for every disposable needle. Throw used needles away (ask your pharmacist where and how to dispose of them) in a punch-proof bag. Maintain this container out of children's and animals' control.

A doctor will need to monitor a condition periodically to ensure that HCG benefits you. Don't miss any appointments scheduled.

Most HCG products come with a separate product, which is powdered and you must blend and draw in a syringe. Single-dose prefilled syringes are available for many brands.

Should not use the drug if the colors have shifted or the fluid contains particles. For a new prescription, call your doctor. Hold HCG unmixed away from sun, moisture and heat at room temperature. You have to keep it in the cooler until you are ready for injection after mixing HCG. In 30 days after mixing, throw out any medication that you did not need.

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