IGF-1 10iu*10vials High pills for men and women

IGF-1 10iu*10vials High pills for men and women

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Igf-1-10iu10vials-tall-pills-men-women. This will allow us to increase the muscle cell size much more rapidly than we can. Through growing the size of our muscle cells, you can develop a larger amount of tissue and you can grow stronger than ever with the right training and diet.

At the genetic level, IGF will alter your body to increase your cell count and muscle tissue, and allow you to rapidly reduce weight. You will expect the most successful outcomes at the injection site by injecting 52,100 MCGs just an hour after your workouts. IGtropin IGF-1 Long R3 Long R3 IGF-1 IGF-1 is an 83 amino acid IGF-1 analog comprising the entire human IGF-1 IGF-1 sequence with Glu(E) Arg(R) substation at the third location, R3 and 13 amino acid expansion peptides in N ends.

In order to increase the biological activity of the IGF peptide, this analog of IGF-1 was produced. The enhanced strength is due to a reduced binding of long R3 IGF-1 to all IGF binding proteins. Long R3 IGF-1 is substantially stronger than IGF-1. The biological activities of IGFs are normally blocked by binding proteins.

How to use it?

High-pills are 50 days and 20-40 days off for men and women for an IGF-1 10iu*10 cycle. Dose at the same time as split doses. Take dosings ranging from 60mcg to120mcg every day. For one day, do not exceed 120 cg. Dissolve every vial with 1 ml of injection water. Two times a day to administer. You should not use insulin at night for IGF1 's injection by taking insulin at 12 o'clock in the morning, and take a 6-hour injection, otherwise you are all right. you will be fine.


Throughout puberty, IGF is the key responsible for the normal development of muscles in these years. The most beneficial results in the body include increased cell transport of amino acid, increased transportation of glucose, increased protein synthesis and decreased protein degradation and increased RNA synthesis. When IGF is active, it functions differently in various tissue types. Proteins and the cell components associated with them are activated in muscle cells. Synthesis of protein is combined with absorption of amino acid. Fat for the use of energy in adipose tissue mobilizes IGF as an energy source.