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Ketaset is general, fast-acting anaesthetic for nonbarbiturate animals classified chemically as 2-methylamino-cyclohexanol-2 (o-chlorophenyl)-2-hydrochloride. For intramuscular injection as light acid (pH 3,5-5,5), the drug is supplied with a solution of 100 mg per mL. The benzethonium chloride contains 0.10 m g / ml for preservatives and injection water q.s. Ketamin (such as hydrochloride) is required for the solution. A powerful analgesic, normal pharyngeal anaesthetic, Ketaset provides reflexes of the laringe and skeletal tones of the body muscles, a slight relaxation of the heart and some respiratory depression. You can buy Ketaset online for sale.

The anesthesia of Ketamine is known as "dissociative anesthesia" since the brain activity is selectively interrupted before the blockage of the somatic senses. On the other side, cats typically have lowered the level of breath operation. Pharyngeal reflects are well controlled by retaining the patent airway. Even if some salivation is frequently observed, it reduces the risk of salivation with continuity reflecting other reflections such as corneal, pumpe etc .. not being used as the Ketaset (Ketamine chloride) anaesthesia anaesthesia requirement for depth of anaesthesia.

Indeed, the pupil is dilated and the eyes are usually open, and a fine ointment is preferred as an anesthesia is prolonged. With one intramuscular injection, Ketaset (Cetamine-hydrochloride) has a broad margin of protection.


Ketaset can be used for brief, minor procedures, which do not require skeletal muscle relaxation in cats restraining, or as an anesthesia agent only for diagnostic purposes. Working is fast.


Ketaset recommends that food be taken at least 6 hours prior to anesthesia induction for preparing optional surgery. The following dosages are recommended as guidelines but may need to be adjusted considering the patient's medical condition and after using sedatives and premedication. Bodyweight 11-33 mg / kg, depending on the degree of restriction or form of minor procedure.

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