Masteroxyl 100- 10ml/vial

Masteroxyl 100- 10ml/vial

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Masteroxyl is a steroid injection. As we all know, steroids are synthetic and man-made medicines. Masteroxyl is a combination of the propionate Drostanolone that is used primarily for breast cancer patients. It is usually given during breast cancer treatment. Many athletes and cardiac constructors tend to use this injectable steroid for muscle mass and strength. Masteroxyl is extremely important in order to improve body muscle hardness and muscle density. You can buy Masteroxyl 100- 10ml/Vial online for sale.

It is mainly used when the bodybuilders compete or compete. When bodybuilders are responsible for the management of their weight, then they mainly use this steroid. Masteroxyl is rich in estrogenic characteristics. Typically, this drug has a limited body life. This is a pharmaceutical that works best in combination with Nandroxyl and Boldaxyl.


Masteroxyl is a well-known injectable steroid, 100-10 ml / vial. Drostanolone Enanthate is a potent anabolic and androgenic compound. 

This steroid is used as a construction and cutting expert by body builders.

Follow the medication properly if you monitor Masteroxyl 100 to 10 ml / flask on your own. You may also inquire for this injection from your steroid specialist.

The drug is reserved by breast cancer patients, while the treatment is done.

This is used to improve the muscle mass for many athletes and physical builders.

If weight class regulation is available then this drug also works in body builders.

At training, most bodybuilders administer this steroid to boost muscle density.


Masteroxyl injections should be taken every three- to four days and 350 to 500 mg should be given every week, if you are a human. For women, 75 to 150 mg is recommended in a week. Make sure you have it right.

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