Nitrazepam (Nipam)

Nitrazepam (Nipam)

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Nitrazepam is listed as a drug for benzodiazepines. This is used in the case of a short-term sleep disorder (insomnia), such as night and early morning sleep disorders. This is used for the prevention of myoclonic attacks. The nerves in the brain (CNS) are slowed down. This medicine can be available in various brand names and forms. All records or requirements discussed herein can include a particular brand name and can not be recognized. In addition, other drug formulations can not be included with all the above-mentioned limitations. You can buy Nitrazeoam (Nipam) online for sale.


This medication can be available in several brand names and/or in various forms. 

Any specific medicinal name is not available in all the forms and conditions discussed here or approved for all conditions.

In addition, for all conditions discussed here, some forms of this medication can not be used.

This medication may have been prescribed by your doctor for other conditions than those mentioned in these papers. 

Talk to your doctor Should not quit taking this drug without the advice of your doctor. Don't give this drug to anyone else even if they're identical to you. If people do not get approved by your doctor, this medicine can be dangerous.

This medicine is used to treat sleeping disorder (insomnia). It is used for treating other types of seizures.


Nitrazepam is recommended for adult dosages for sleep at bedtime between 5 and 10 mg. 

The adverse effects of this medication can be experienced more often by the elderly and 2,5 mg may begin at bedtime. 

The dose should be individualized to prevent extreme somnolence during the day and motor impairment. 

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