Orlifit (Orlistat) 120mg

Orlifit (Orlistat) 120mg

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Orlifit (Orlistat) 120mg removes some of the fat you eat, so that it is not absorbed by your bloodstream. Orlifit (Orlistat) 120mg is used to promote the loss of weight or to reduce the risk of already lost weight recuperation. This medication must be used with a lower-calorie diet and increased physical activity.  Orlistat is approved for use in overweight or obese adults. Xenical is the orlistat prescription-force type. Without a prescription the brand Alli is available.


This medicine is used to help you lose weight with a doctor-approved exercise, change in behaviour and a diet with reduced calories. It is used by certain overweight people, including those who are obese or who have medical issues related to weight. You can also take orlistat to prevent your weight from regaining. Losing weight and avoiding obesity, including cardiac problems, diabetes , high blood pressure and a shorter life will minimise the number of health risks involved.

Fats must be separated into smaller parts before they can be consumed by the body. The Orlistat enzyme that breaks fats down in your diet works by blocking it. Then your bowels push through this undigested fat out of your body. You must also limit the overall calorie intake, since the Orlistat does not inhibit the absorption of calories from sugar and other non-fat products.


Read all the instructions on the prescription pack before taking this medication if you use the over-the-counter medicine for self-treatment.

If your doctor prescribes this drug, you can read the Patient Information Leaflet if it is available before orlistat and any time you request a refill from your doctor. 

Take Orlifit medicine according to your doctor's instructions or with liquid anytime after a fatty meal, or usually three times a day within 1 hour of food. Save the dose of medicine when you skip a meal or your meal does not contain fat. 

It is critical that no more than 30 percent of calories in your diet are fat to minimise the risk of adverse side effects. Your daily consumption should be similarly diffused over 3 main meals of fat , protein and carbohydrates.

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