Oxycodone-apap (physicians tc.)

Oxycodone-apap (physicians tc.)

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Oxycodone is a medicinal product treated with opioids. It is used to treat any type of body pain. For immediate and controlled release, oxycodone is the only single input medicine available. Sleepiness, decreased discomfort and responsible for relaxation is caused by the endorphins found in this drug. In contrast with other doses, it has low toxicity. It can get lethal when consuming benzodiazepines or alcohol with other depressants. It can cause very serious health issues such as mood swings, constipation, dizziness, nausea and somnolence. You can buy Oxycodone-Apap (Physicians Tc.) online for sale.


For acute and chronic pain. Their euphoric effect is of increased medical use.

Used for treating pain after surgery. Reduce the average to extreme pain effects. Following severe injury , illness and surgery.


Generally 5 mg is prescribed for average to extreme pain, and up to 10 to 30 mg and effect can gradually be increased.

In case of hepatic disease and renal impairment, weaknesses or opioid-native patients, the dosage adjustments should be done with the greatest care.

It is not advised to use alcohol for this treatment. It might otherwise cause somnolence or breathing difficulties.

If taken during preindemnity, asthma or any other respiratory problems and stomach or intestine blockage, it can adversely affect you.

Prolonged medication prescription dosages.

It should be eaten with food or according to doctors' prescriptions. It is recommended to follow the doctors' instructions to manipulate doses.

Therefore, its effects may be addictive, according to prescriptions.

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