Primoxyl 100-10ml/vial

Primoxyl 100-10ml/vial

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Primoxyl 100 is a methenolone anabolic steroid that can be injected with ester. The drug is also used in exercise cutting phases and is especially important because muscles can be sustained on a minimal diet of calories. The benefits to bodybuilders and sportsmen of Primoxyl are not so huge, but more qualitative. This is one of the safest contraceptives for women athletes because of the relatively low consequences of virilization. A half life is ten to fourteen days and blood levels stay high for another two weeks. Primoxyl has an effect on normal testosterone production. You can buy Primoxyl 100-10ml/Vial online for sale.


Primoxyl 100, a high quality and anabolic steroid commonly used by many people and a steroid present in the most common of the steroids, is a methenolone Enanthate (MPE). Yet the element as

It's best called Primobolan. This steroid and its consequences are necessary to take into consideration as many people can not properly use it. For example, Primoxyl 100 does not help you if you are a person looking for a massive amount of muscle mass, because it's not a steroid you will need. Primoxyl 100 is a steroid that can help you a lot. This is why Primoxyl 100 is a top-tier alternative for athletes, however, that does not mean it's not widely used by bodybuilders.

As with the cutting process, where maximum amount of body fat can be eliminated while maintaining the same muscle mass, the Primoxyl 100 has been found to be a strong steroid that can significantly aid and, in preparation for many competitive bodybuilders, a favored cutting steroid.


The male athlete was expected to receive a dose of 300 mg a week, since Primoxyl 100 is the lowest end dose and people take significantly higher doses. Nonetheless, 200 mg per week will preserve a person's catabolic value during the cutting cycle, but 300 mg per week would be even better.

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