Seconal (Chemical Name - Secobarbital)

Seconal (Chemical Name - Secobarbital)

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Barbiturates are a group of medicines classified as Central Nervous System Depressants classified as CNS (medicines that cause sleepiness). They work to create beneficial and damaging results in the brain and CNS. The condition, reaction and the extent of medication used by the individual patient. Second sodium (bar-BIT-chur-ate) is a barbiturate which reduces activity of the brain and nervous system. Sodium secon is used during surgery for a short time to treat insomnia or sedation. The Barbiturates are central nervous systems depressant (CNS), non-selective, mainly sedative-hypnotics. You can buy Seconal (Chemical Name - Secobarbital) online for sale.

This is also used in subhypnotic concentrations as anticonvulsants. Barbiturates and their sodium salt are governed by the Federal Controlled Substances Act.


Certain barbiturates can be used before operation to relieve anxiety or discomfort. Nevertheless, in certain conditions or disorders such as epileptic disorders, some barbiturates are used as an anticonvulsant to prevent seizure. Barbiturates can also be used for other conditions determined by the doctor. Barbiturates have been used for the treatment of insomnia but are common for more than two weeks as they are mostly used for insomnia. Throughout the day, barbiturates have also been used to alleviate nervousness or restlessness. Barbiturates, however, are usually replaced by healthier sleeplessness and nervous or anxiety treatments.


Barbiturate dosages with complete awareness of their particular characteristics should be tailored. The age, weight and health of the patient are taken into account. As an adult, you have 100 mg if you sleep. Pediatric: 2 to 6 mg / kg, 100 mg daily intake. In the special patient population-dose, elderly people should be decreased or decreased, because these patients could be more likely to be barbiturates. The dosage will be this for patients with renal or hepatic dysfunction.

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