Sustaxyl 350 - 10ml/vial

Sustaxyl 350 - 10ml/vial

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Sustaxyl 350 is an injectable oil-based mixture of testosterone containing four different testosterone esters, including isocaproate (83 mg), testosterone propionate (42 m g), testosterone decanoate (140 mg) and testosterone phenylpropionate (82 mg). The company can be better known because of its most famous trade name – Sustanon, and both products have a small label. Sustaxyl is developed so that testosterone is quickly, but concurrently, usually released only once in the clinic once every 3-4 weeks. You can buy Sustaxyl 350 - 10ml-Vial  online for sale.

This is believed to be a significant change from standard esters like enanthate or cypionate that only require a shorter duration of operation after administration. Since testosterone for all Sustaxyl 350 is a potent androgen anabolic agent, Sustaxyla, like any other testosterone, also has some pronounced androgenic activity. Sustaxyl is widely used for all these purposes in bulking cycles and provides significant strength and weight gains.


Sustaxyl 350 is a steroid with substantial anabolic and androgenic activity developed by pharmaceutical companies Kalpa Pharmaceuticals. 

The testosterone bases on four weak testosterone esters with also beneficial effects: 

Decorated testosterone, phenyl-phenylpropionate testosterone, isocaproate testosterone testosterone and testosterone propionate. 

Sustaxyl 350 is used for muscle mass , strength and strength and stabilization, stabilization and normalization of your body. 

For sports building, weightlifting and many other disciplines, this steroid drug is most commonly used in athletics.


The active ingredient testosterone ester lasts 3 weeks and all thanks to the qualified mixture of testosterone esters. 

Steroids are prescribed once every 5 days. 

The roles of Sustaxyl and Androgenic are exactly the same in testosterone endogenous, making it an insistent and reassuring sports mechanism inside an extended-action tank.

During the Sustaxyl cycle it typically displays various positive characteristics and in the sports activity the following results are especially significant:

Essential anti catabolism; observable increased appetite; rapidly growing muscle mass through protein synthesis; increased blood (increased red blood cell count) and enhanced body oxygen transfer; enhanced strength / endurance; temporary libido development (running).

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