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Vicodin ES

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Vicodin ES is a codeine-like suppressant narcotic. Vicodin ES blocks receptors which trigger pain in nerve cells in the brain. Acetaminophen is a pain reliever, both antipyretic and narcotic .. Acetaminophen enhances tolerance to pain, meaning greater stimulation is required in nerves responsible for feeling pain. The effect on the temperature-controlled brain core decreases fever. Vicodin ES and acetaminophen, like Vicodin and Lortab, are widely combined in order to achieve a calming effect. The FDA approved Vicodin in January 1983. You can buy Vicodin ES online for sale.

The physical thought and ability of Vicodin ES to control or operate machinery is impaired. Vicodin ES can cause respiratory damage and should be used carefully in the elderly , disabled people and with serious lung disease. Vicodin ES can be personalized. There may be physical and emotional dependency, but short-term treatments are doubtful. Acetaminophen can cause serious liver failure if excessive amounts are used or in combination with the use of chronic alcohol or other medicines that already impair your liver function.


The drug is used to reduce mild to extreme pain. Includes an opioid (substance)

The non-opioid (acetaminophen) and (Vicodin ES) relaxants. The opioid pain medication is required.

In your brain Vicodin ES works to enhance your body's feeling and reaction.

The fever level can also be reduced by acetaminophen.


The dosage will be adjusted depending on discomfort and patient reaction. However, due to the continued use, accounts should be taken of the occurrence of adverse effects and the resistance of Vicodin ES.

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